• Anti-phenolic yellowing (BHT) agent

    Anti-phenolic yellowing (BHT) agent

    Anti-phenolic yellowing agent can be used for various nylon and blended fabrics containing
    elastic fibers to prevent yellowing caused by BHT (2, 6-Dibutyl-hydroxy-toluene). BHT is often used
    as an antioxidant when making plastic bags, and white or light-colored clothes are very likely to turn
    yellow when they are placed in such bags.
    In addition, because it is neutral, even if the dosage is high, the pH of the treated fabric can be
    guaranteed to be between 5-7.
  • Levelling agent for acid and pre-metallized dyes

    Levelling agent for acid and pre-metallized dyes

    Levelling agent for acid and pre-metallized dyes is an anionic / non-ionic levelling agent, it had affinity with both
    cashmere and wool fiber (PAM) and dyes. therefore, it has good retarding dyeing, excellent
    penetration and even dyeing properties. It has a good adjusting effect on synchronizing dyeing and
    exhaustion regulation for trichromatic combination dyeing and Easily-unevenly dyed fabrics
    Levelling agent for acid and pre-metallized dyes has a good effect on the improvement of uneven color or too
    deep dyeing and has good discharge performance.
  • Levelling Dispersing Agent for polyester dyeing

    Levelling Dispersing Agent for polyester dyeing

    Levelling / Dispersing Agent is mainly used for polyester fabrics dyeing with disperse dyes, which has a strong dispersing
    ability. It can greatly improve the migration of the dyes and facilitate the diffusion of dyes into the fabric or fiber. Therefore,
    this product is especially suitable for package yarn (including large diameter yarns), and heavy or compact fabrics dyeing.
    Levelling / Dispersing Agent has excellent levelling and migrating performance and has no screening and negative effect
    on the Dye-Uptake rate. Due to its special chemical composition characteristics, LEVELING AGENT 02 can be used as a
    regular levelling agent for disperse dyes, or as a color repairing agent when there are problems in dyeing, such as too deep
    dyeing or uneven dyeing.
    Levelling / Dispersing Agent When used as a levelling agent, it has a good slow dyeing effect at the initial stage of dyeing
    process and can ensure a good synchronous dyeing property at the dyeing stage. Even under strict dyeing process conditions,
    such as extremely low bath ratio or macromolecular dyes, its ability to help dyes penetration and levelling is still very good,
    ensuring color fastness.
    Levelling / Dispersing Agent When used as a Color Recovery Agent, the dyed fabric can be dyed synchronously and
    evenly, so that the problematic dyed fabric can keep the same color/hue after treatment, which is helpful to adding new
    color or changing dyeing.
    Levelling / Dispersing Agent also has the function of emulsification and detergent, and it has the further washing effect on
    the residual spinning oil and oligomers which are not clean before pretreatment to ensure the uniformity of dyeing.
    Levelling / Dispersing Agent is Alkylphenol Free. It is high biodegradability and can be considered as an "ecological" product.
    Levelling / Dispersing Agent can be used in automatic dosing systems
  • Sodium Chlorite Bleaching Stabilizer

    Sodium Chlorite Bleaching Stabilizer

    The functions of Sodium Chlorite Bleaching Stabilizer Can be summarized as follows:
     This product controls the bleaching action of chlorine so that chlorine dioxide produced during bleaching is fully
    applied to the bleaching process and prevents any possible diffusion of toxic and corrosive odorous gases (ClO2);Therefore,
    the use of Sodium Chlorite Bleaching Stabilizer can reduce the dosage of sodium chlorite;
     Prevents corrosion of stainless-steel equipment even at very low pH.
    To keep the acidic pH stable in the bleaching bath.
    Activate bleaching solution to avoid the generation of side reaction products.
  • hydrogen peroxide alkaline bleaching stabilizer

    hydrogen peroxide alkaline bleaching stabilizer

    1. hydrogen peroxide alkaline bleaching stabilizer is a stabilizer specifically used for alkaline bleaching of cotton in the pad-steam process. Due to its strong stability in alkaline media, it is beneficial for the oxidant to continuously play a role in long-term steaming. And easily biodegradable.
    2. hydrogen peroxide alkaline bleaching stabilizer can partially or completely replace the use of silicate, so that the bleached fabric has better hydrophilicity, while avoiding the formation of deposits on the equipment due to the use of silicate.
    3. The best bleaching formula varies with different processes, and it is recommended to test in advance
    4. Even in stock-solution with high content of caustic soda and surfactant, Stabilizing Agent 01 is stable, so it can prepare
    mother liquid containing various chemicals with a concentration of 4-6 times higher.
    5. Stabilizing agent 01 is also very suitable for pad-batch processes.
  • Detergent for various lubricating oil

    Detergent for various lubricating oil

    Use:Deoiling agent,Detergent, low foam, biodegradable, non-toxic, no harmful substances, particularly
    used in flow-jet; Performance:
    Detergent 01 is a detergent that has a strong emulsification ability for various
    lubricating oil commonly used on knitting needles. It is especially suitable for scouring of
    knitted cotton and its blended.
    Detergent 01 has good washing ability and anti-redeposition effect on wax and natural
    paraffin contained in the fiber.
    Detergent 01 is stable to acids, alkalis, reducing agents and oxidants. It can be used in
    acidic cleaning processes and bleaching baths with a variety of whitening agents.
    Detergent 01 can also be used in the scouring process of products containing synthetic
    fibers, sewing threads and yarns
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